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Sunday, March 18, 2012

twozeroonetwo target!

my target for 2012!.

poyo? lantak la blog aku kot.

1- deanlist!
2- pentas will go forth to national theater festive
3- johor best actor or any individual award!
4- improving my skill

seriously,im getting fucking bored being an anti-social,no good result type of person..


friend : hey,how ur result?
me : ok ok jek,like that2 lahhh

friend : oooo,ok la tu, i got dean.

me : hey great, good for u mate!

friend : how ur theater?

me : ok ok lah.

friend : sape budak ko yang menang tu?

me : ooo,dua orang.terer diaorang tu.. k bro,got to go, got lot thing to do.ciaow.

friend : right.

so,seriously, jealousy? maybe, its not that, i only felt that, im not trying much.

thats it, 2012 i give my best to all, mum been waiting for me to get good result.

( and please people, jangan terasa apa2)

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cik sue said...

gudluck honey

full support to you :)

sampah hitam said...

tq dear