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Friday, March 8, 2013

properly repost : zattara


how is it can we deal with the world so real,
when the pain alone is unbearable,
yet the jokes can still tickle,
when zattara flow in the river unhandle,

zattara oh zattara,

the story of a man with pain,
his love flow hard right in the vein,
so much effort but nothing to gain,
when zattara still flow again and again.

How can he forgive?
When zattara can never forget.

zattara oh zattara...

so much to call the names,
sometimes it is vengeance,
and sometimes it is revenge,
he is still in silent.....

no one ever want zattara,
no one ever see the use of it,
no one ever wonder,
how zattara can change the course of a stream,
how powerful it will be...

there zattara is still

sampah hitam...

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