‎"Modal aku hanya berani bermimpi, lalu berusaha, bekerja keras & menggenapkan dgn doa. Man jadda wajada,... siapa yg bersungguh-sungguh akan berhasil."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a story

Sometimes, two paths are in parallel
Sticking as if there is gum between them,

Yours are mine, mine are yours,

 yet our story is colorful..
Sometimes it goes, and sometimes stops, 

our strange story..

Sometimes we walk straight, 

sometimes we turn,
Sometimes we break, 

sometimes we get together again,
We always in the mood of morning, evening, 

all the times of a day..

when we're together, all thing felt alright
I should burn like a bulb, 

and you should be the switch,
let the world makes faces and hate.

we will be together,
and just let them go to hell.

Sometimes it goes, and sometimes stops
this is a story about me and you!

my dear,  thank you.

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